Russendisko hits Jerusalem!


Source: Myspace

Wladimir Kaminer, half of the Berlin duo Russendisko, is visiting Jerusalem and will give out a DJ set at the Yellow Submarine on Wednesday night. It’s a one time opportunity to see some real high class russian-ska-punk-klezmer DJing.

The Russendsiko crew of Russian immigrants in Berlin has been producing parties since ’99 and have released 5 compilations with their greatest hits. The duo are Wladimir Kaminer, who is also a journalist, writer and publicist that intends on running for mayor of Berlin in 2012, and Yuriy Gurzhy, a musician and DJ. Kaminer is visiting Jerusalem on behalf of the Geothe institute.

Together with Kaminer will be preforming the Israeli Russian-ska group Los Caparos. Entrance will be 20 nis, a funny price if you ask me.

Russendisko – Myspace

Los Caparos – Myspace


3 Responses to “Russendisko hits Jerusalem!”

  1. 1 Omri 21/02/2009 at 20:47

    kaminer is a lot more famous for being a writer than for being a DJ – he’s one of the most discussed writers in Germany, though a lot of people say he’s not really any good…

    you didn’t put my blogs link on your link page, by the way.

    • 2 Balkadan 22/02/2009 at 04:00

      yeah… that’s true, he came to israel to talk about his books. did you go to the show?

      sorry for not posting it, what is the address?

  2. 3 Omri 22/02/2009 at 10:12

    lo nora

    i’m in sweden, so i didnt go to his show.

    well, my radio related blog is, but my active blog is:

    so, you know, whichever you wanna put up 🙂


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