Bersa Discos

Source: Official Myspace

Source: Official Myspace

Bersa Discos is a label formed by two DJs from the California bay area. The label is set on reinventing the traditional Cumbia sound of South America, and especially giving voice to the Argentinian Cumbia scene which has been flourishing lately with many artists (VJ Pixie, El Guincho) and labels (ZZK, Crammed Disc) releasing Cumbia tracks.

Bersa Discos #4

Bersa Discos #4

The label has been steadily releasing “Bersa Discos” compilations with many different styles and colors of Cumbia and their latest addition is compilation #4 with contributions from Uproot Andy and Sonido del Principe. If until now I wasn’t quite sure about the quality of the releases this one definitely proves that Bersa Discos are on the right track with tracks that manage to hit the current digital 8-bit fashion and keep a Cumbia rythem at the same time. The bass is hitting hard and unlike many other Cumbia tracks it isn’t too slow.

Check out the sample track by Uproot Andy titled “La Vida Vale La Pena” (hosted @ Discobelle).

Bersa Discos – Myspace


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