Global Warming show #21

Global Warming radio show #21 aired on 5.4.09.

Link will be posted later, there’s a technical problem with the podcast service.


  1. La Cherga – Fake No More
  2. Golem – Tucheses and Nenes
  3. J.U.F. – Last Wish Of The Bride
  4. Eastenders – Hei Cu Totti
  5. [dunkelbunt] – La Revedere
  6. Golem – Citizen Boris
  7. Figli Di Madre Ignota – Spaghetti Balkan
  8. Miele – Libera l’Anima
  9. Ramallah Underground – Sijen ib Sijen
  10. Boogie Balagan – Ride On Ride On
  11. Juggy D – Sohniye
  12. Swami – Electro Jugni
  13. Korai Orom – A Paraszt Visszavag

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