Some blog discoveries

Over the past two weeks I came across some excellent blogs for electronic world music and I though I might share them with ya, exposing my sources…

Generation Bass – A really high quality blog focusing on heavy dance music from all over the globe. You can find lots of free downloads there including tracks from prominent names. This one is on my top list.

Man Recorder – Baile Funk label Man Recording’s home blog also full of free tracks for download from the label’s artists and also a good place to see what’s coming up on the catalog.

SoundGoods – You can find full releases on this blog. It focuses on latin/brazilian/west african music so it’s mostly for genres like Baile Funk, Kuduro and Cumbia.

That’s all for now, happy blog-digging!


2 Responses to “Some blog discoveries”

  1. 1 soundgoods 04/06/2009 at 15:17

    thanks for posting, I’am very glad about that!
    But the name of the blog is SoundGoods, thanks for changing!

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