Global Warming show #31 with HassidAbadi!

Global Warming radio show #31 was aired on 14.6.09

I had two special guests co-hosting the show and picking the music, the Jerusalem DJ duo HassidAbadi which is Eitan Hassid and Roy Abadi. Lots of talking in Hebrew on the show but also interesting music from all over the globe. If you read Hebrew and want to get more information on HassidAbadi you can visit their Facebook group.


  1. Romany Rota – Diri Diri So Kerdjan
  2. Gigi – Salam
  3. Kardes Turkuler – Newroz
  4. Huun-Huur-Tu – -Shaldyg Xaya
  5. Shahram Nazeri –  Flames of Love
  6. Masaladosa – Ganapati
  7. Dikanda – Ajotoro
  8. Spaccanapoli – Vesuvio
  9. Pisa Caboclo – Mestre Suassuna e Mestre Dirceu
  10. Selda – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
  11. King Tut – Dr. Didg
  12. Los Kjarkas – Llorando Se Fue

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