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This is MC Gi, 19 years old Giovanna Avino from Santos, Brzail. She’s been putting out Funk Carioca releases and lately has been working with producer DJ Edgar, one of the bigger names in the Carioca scene. She’s giving away some free songs but the really good stuff is only available on her Myspace. Check it out.

MC Gi – Myspace

MC Gi – Free songs (varried quality)


YouTube – Verka Serduchka- Harsasho

Some of you might find this interesting.

Verka Serduchka is Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, an Ukrainian cross-dresser that fuses (well, kind of) Ukrainian traditional music with intense dance beats. He represented Ukraine in the 2007 Eurovision contest and won 2nd place with another song called “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”.

De Tropix

De Tropix are a duo from the UK creating some wierd combination of Pop, Dance and Latin music. They just released an EP with 3 songs for free download, so if you’re into things that induce jumping around you might want to check it out:

Ramallah Underground

Ramallah Underground are a collective of musicians creating electronic, trip-hop, downtempo and hip-hop music from Ramallah, Palestine. Their music is influenced by traditional Arab music and by the Palestinian reality. They operate a wonderful sites with many many free downloads. Here’s a little sample:
Ramallah Underground – 970