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Some blog discoveries

Over the past two weeks I came across some excellent blogs for electronic world music and I though I might share them with ya, exposing my sources…

Generation Bass – A really high quality blog focusing on heavy dance music from all over the globe. You can find lots of free downloads there including tracks from prominent names. This one is on my top list.

Man Recorder – Baile Funk label Man Recording’s home blog also full of free tracks for download from the label’s artists and also a good place to see what’s coming up on the catalog.

SoundGoods – You can find full releases on this blog. It focuses on latin/brazilian/west african music so it’s mostly for genres like Baile Funk, Kuduro and Cumbia.

That’s all for now, happy blog-digging!


Edu K interview and free songs on Scatterblog

Scatterblog, the australian Bmore and Baile Funk blog, has published an interview with Brazilian Baile god Edu K including three new songs completely free to download @ 320kbps. The interview focuses on the new “Minimal World” music coming out and there’s a lot of name-dropping going on for anyone who wants to get an idea of who’s against who in the scene.

Mega-post, mega-tunes, check it @ Scatterblog

Omar Souleyman

Check out Ghetto Bassquake’s excellent post about Syria’s Omar Souleyman. Highly recommended for anyone with even the smallest interest in Arab music.

Drum & Jesus


More of that Rio sound please!

Damn, those Rio baile people really know how to drop it. Check out for some great tunes, from funky breakbeats to classic carioca sound. Apavoramento Sound System is a collective of Rio artists on the Rio scene and their site is full of goodies like videos, mixtapes, free mp3 downloads and information about what’s happening right now over there. It’s definitely a diamond in the rough, a heaven for Brazilian music gold diggers.

Here are two sample tracks to get your appetite going:

Fiskal e Nepal – Don’t Puxe

Ba$$ Commando – Solta o Bass


Scatterblog – A blog which has recently turned into a net label, offering tons of free high quality (320kbps) mp3s. You can find many b-more, baile funk and cumbia songs there, many from leading artists and labels.

Highly recommended.

A new Balkan Beats blog

Calibat Balkano, a young breakbeat producer from Lisbon, Portugal has opened a new blog about Balkan music. The blog holds news, new releases reviews, events and so on. If you’re into Balkan music it’s a good place to see what names are currently circulating in the scene.

Balkan Beats Kollektiv Blog

Calibat’s Myspace