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Massive South Rakkas release for free

Check out this power-packed compilation of South Rakkas tracks called “Stimulus” on Pitchfork. Don’t forget to download the epic bonus track!


Mad Decent updates

Two big news from Diplo‘s Mad Decent:

  1. “El Tigeraso” has been finally released. This Maluca single was cooking for a long time and now it has to prove itself. Get it digitally from beatport and click here for a free Sticky K remix (thru
  2. Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor” video is out and it’s completely bunkers, a houseful of “daggering” moves and neon clothing. Check it: Pon De Floor video

Yet another “Hold the Line” mix

Check out Prince Zimboo‘s awesome freestyle on Major Lazer‘s hot tune for this summer, “Hold the Line”.

Major Lazer album released

Source: Mad Decent

Source: Mad Decent

Ok ok, like every second nu-world music blog I’ll note the release of this anticipated hyped up album by Major Lazer “Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do”, the joint venture of two uber-producers Diplo and Switch. I got my hand on the album and it’s a true candy, lazer style. For those of you who haven’t heard about Major Lazer yet, the project is a reggae-dancehall-electronic cocktail that’s meant to explode on the dancefloor. From what I’ve seen in my sets so far, it does.

More info on how to get it (plus free tracks from the album) can be found at the Mad Decent blog.

Here are two videos from youtube, one for the massive single “Hold the Line”, already featured on the radio show and the other for a song that’s not on an album, a comedy track about Jamaican zombies.