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Shazalakazoo Release Debut Album

The Belgrade electro-balkan duo Shazalakazoo released their debut album, “Speaking Balkanian”. Shazalakazoo have a unique style of blending the traditional music styles of the Balkan with ultra-modern electro rhythms like house, techno, drum’n’bass and even dubstep. These guys are totally on the bleeding edge of Balkan beats, so I highly recommend you give their music a try. I’ve tested it on countless dancefloors and the tunes always deliver!

You can buy the album over at CDBaby and pre-listen to the whole of it @ soundcloud. Here’s a tase:


Major Lazer album released

Source: Mad Decent

Source: Mad Decent

Ok ok, like every second nu-world music blog I’ll note the release of this anticipated hyped up album by Major Lazer “Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do”, the joint venture of two uber-producers Diplo and Switch. I got my hand on the album and it’s a true candy, lazer style. For those of you who haven’t heard about Major Lazer yet, the project is a reggae-dancehall-electronic cocktail that’s meant to explode on the dancefloor. From what I’ve seen in my sets so far, it does.

More info on how to get it (plus free tracks from the album) can be found at the Mad Decent blog.

Here are two videos from youtube, one for the massive single “Hold the Line”, already featured on the radio show and the other for a song that’s not on an album, a comedy track about Jamaican zombies.

Some blog discoveries

Over the past two weeks I came across some excellent blogs for electronic world music and I though I might share them with ya, exposing my sources…

Generation Bass – A really high quality blog focusing on heavy dance music from all over the globe. You can find lots of free downloads there including tracks from prominent names. This one is on my top list.

Man Recorder – Baile Funk label Man Recording’s home blog also full of free tracks for download from the label’s artists and also a good place to see what’s coming up on the catalog.

SoundGoods – You can find full releases on this blog. It focuses on latin/brazilian/west african music so it’s mostly for genres like Baile Funk, Kuduro and Cumbia.

That’s all for now, happy blog-digging!

Edu K interview and free songs on Scatterblog

Scatterblog, the australian Bmore and Baile Funk blog, has published an interview with Brazilian Baile god Edu K including three new songs completely free to download @ 320kbps. The interview focuses on the new “Minimal World” music coming out and there’s a lot of name-dropping going on for anyone who wants to get an idea of who’s against who in the scene.

Mega-post, mega-tunes, check it @ Scatterblog

Omar Souleyman

Check out Ghetto Bassquake’s excellent post about Syria’s Omar Souleyman. Highly recommended for anyone with even the smallest interest in Arab music.

Toy Selectah’s Mex-More

source: official release

source: official release

Toy Selectah, a Mexican DJ who worked with aritsts such as Diplo, Thievery Corporation and Manu Chao, released a LP with a collection of his remixes. Among them you can find remixes to songs by Santogold, Justice, David Gueta, Lil’ Wayne, Air, Mexico’s own Cafe Tacuba and the list goes on.

Anyways, grab it straight from the Mad Decent servers: Mex More LP

And here’s Toy Selecath’s Myspace

Ramallah Underground

Ramallah Underground are a collective of musicians creating electronic, trip-hop, downtempo and hip-hop music from Ramallah, Palestine. Their music is influenced by traditional Arab music and by the Palestinian reality. They operate a wonderful sites with many many free downloads. Here’s a little sample:
Ramallah Underground – 970