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Save Jarrah – An Arab-Israeli Mix

Here’s a little mix I played at a support event for the eastern-Jerusalem arab residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where Palestinian families are being evicted from their houses by right-wing Jewish settlers. Read more here

The set combines tunes of Arab and Israeli artists and travels from Jerusalem ’round the Middle-East and back.

1. Vulcan – Nim’as
2. RGB – Ya Wled Loubnan
3. Instanbul Latin Ensemble & Ayhan Sicimoglu – Reggaeturcatone
4. DAM – Ng’ayer Bukra (Change Tomorrow)
5. Cheikha Rimitti – Rimitti Ridim
6. Soulico – El Nur Feat. Ghostface Killah, Saz & Tomer Yosef
7. Axum – Kul Wahed
8. DAM – Mali Huriye (I Don’t Have Freedom)
9. Balkan Beat Box – Habibi Min Zaman
10. Balkan Beat Box – Ramllah-Tel Aviv
11. Hadag Nachash – Shalom Salam Peace


Toy Selectah’s Mex-More

source: official release

source: official release

Toy Selectah, a Mexican DJ who worked with aritsts such as Diplo, Thievery Corporation and Manu Chao, released a LP with a collection of his remixes. Among them you can find remixes to songs by Santogold, Justice, David Gueta, Lil’ Wayne, Air, Mexico’s own Cafe Tacuba and the list goes on.

Anyways, grab it straight from the Mad Decent servers: Mex More LP

And here’s Toy Selecath’s Myspace

Ramallah Underground

Ramallah Underground are a collective of musicians creating electronic, trip-hop, downtempo and hip-hop music from Ramallah, Palestine. Their music is influenced by traditional Arab music and by the Palestinian reality. They operate a wonderful sites with many many free downloads. Here’s a little sample:
Ramallah Underground – 970